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Regarding Made to Measure Clothing:

1. How long does it take to receive my garment?

We recommend that you allow 5 weeks from the moment your order is confirmed and you have submitted your measurements. On occasions it is likely to be faster than this but that cannot be guaranteed. If the order is particularly urgent we may be able to fast track it for an additional charge of £60.

2. What happens if I give the wrong measurements or I am not happy with the fit?

Provided you follow our clear and simple guidance for taking the measurements you should receive a garment that fits perfectly. Customers should however be aware that they are not receiving a further fitting prior to the completion of the suit and the price reflects this fact. Consequently, there may be occasions when you would like the garment tweaked or adjusted for perfection and to suit your particular wishes.

When we receive an order we always check the measurements given and if anything looks obviously irregular we will question and confirm it with the customer before proceeding.

As a guide if alterations are required there will be charge of £45 but each garment or alteration will be judged on its own and, on these occasions, we will always liaise with the customer to ensure that a satisfactory final result is achieved.

Customers should allow 2 weeks for alterations under normal circumstances.

Our aim is a satisfied customer in every single case and we will always do our utmost to ensure this is the case.


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